An Amulet for Soldiers 兵隊のお守り

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Aug 15, 2017 10:45
In the museum which I wrote in the previous post, what caught my eye was a cloth that one thousand stitches on.

It is said when soldiers put on the cloth, they were protected, and were able to go home safely.

Before the young men go to battle fields, their family, mostly women prepared the cloth.

Since it required one thousand stiches by different person, women asked neighbours, or sometimes strangers to stitch on the cloth.

People used red strings, because the combination between white cloth and red represents auspicious colour in Japan.

Some people made a tiger image by the stitch, because tigers can go and return even though the the distance is long.

The soldiers' family wished their safety.

I think this practice is a kind of folk belief, but I was very touched by how people took care of their family.

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