Do You Know Mind Map?

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May 24, 2012 00:13
At the first day of English lesson, my teacher ordered us to write a mind map to review the lesson.


I never heard of a mind map.


When I asked her what a mind map is, she wrote a circle in the middle of the white board, then draw lines which radiated in all direction from the circle, looked like neuron cells.


At that point I got only vague image of mind-map,


Although tried to write it at home, I didn't know how to do because it seemed to be impossible to write the map in my notebook, A4.


I gave up writing a map and summarized the review in my own way, which just wrote down the sentences alongside the line of notebook.


At the last lesson, the teacher noticed my notebook and she picked it up,"Everyone, look at this notebook, even though it is well organised, it does't appeal your memory. This is not good!!"


I was embarrassed, but I regretted not writing the right way as well.


Actually the teacher and I did't hit it off from the beginning, but I totally admitted this is my fault or there is no advantage if I continue writing it in this way.


I went to a stationary store and bought a A3 notebook, which does't have any lines.


When I started writing a mind map I realized there are some good points.


First, you can see the whole review in one glance, second, if you use some color, fonts stand out or put some pictures, it would be effective, third, the image of map is easy to access your memory.


I have a new outlook on my life.


The time has changed.


Disadvantage is having some trouble to take it to the school.