Holland's Medical Procedure オランダの医療

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Apr 27, 2012 17:08
I am suffering from hay fever, don' t know which pollen I am allergic to.

It is said there are 300 kinds of pollen frying all year around in Holland.

If I were in Japan I could go to a internal or ENT directly, but here I have to go to a family doctor first of all.

I have registered myself as a patient at the family doctor's clinic.

A few months ago, I had a cold and went to the clinic for the first time.

The doctor who wore the casual clothes, though which was like a father with do-it-yourself on weekend, asked me some questions in English like, "Do you have any allergy?", "Any records of a surgery?"

I answered these question and told my symptom:feverish, sore throat and so on.

He said, "I see. You would be better to go home and some rest. Take care."

I was at a loss as he did't give me any medication.

Since the natural healing is believed to be best in here, a doctor does't prescribe medication for such as a cold.

My husband have had a oral surgery at the general hospital the other day, after that he have gotten infection due to no prescription for an antibiotic.

I would say that the Dutch have been grown to improve their immunity so their strong natural  healing would help them, on the other hand, as Japanese have been given many kinds of medicine whe n we were born, our immunity would be weak.

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