Going To The Classical Concert

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Apr 20, 2012 16:22
I went to the concert last night, which was held various kind of music every day.

Since the ticket price is cheaper than Japan I can go there quite often, the last night concert was the choir and violin.

There was a incident before the concert begun.

When the elderly couple was going to sit next to me I notied the woman wore the mini skirt with unzipped.

I wanted to say politely to her because I didn't make her feel bad, then built up my courage and said, "It would be better to zip it."

She looked puzzled, I was concerned if my English was weird?

The next moment she turned around and showed her skirt, "Oh, I know. A guy told me earlier. It had been broken. I will hide my purse. Thanks anyway." and winked.

I was impressed with her easygoing character.

She seemed to be enjoy the concert, went out blocking the zipper with her purse.

Her worn out underwear is still in my eyes.

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