An Apple Polisher ごますり屋さん

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Feb 13, 2017 13:17
Let's say there is one student who is the most influential in a class.

He doesn't have a good grade, but his fater is rich, so he takes advantage of the fame.

Some studets say that his thoughts are unique, but some say his idea is biased, and he discriminates a certain group of studetns.

There is one student who has a low-profile, and he doesn't have popularity, but he is a leader of a group.

One day, the influential student, T said to the low-key student, A, "I will not protect your group from others, as you haven't done anything to me."

A was upset, and gave very expensive toys to T to please him.

It worked, since T invited A to his big house, and they spent playing the toys for few days.

One student considers A as an apple polisher, but the other think that A is good at laying the groundwork.
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