The Mother and Her Daughter Were Sent to Home 親子は家に帰された

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Oct 24, 2013 18:12
One of my English classmates took her daughter to our school because daughter's school was on holiday.

My classmate wanted to keep her daughter waiting until our English lesson finished.

As her daughter is 8 years old, I guess she is old enough to wait on her own.

My classmate gave her daughter some books and asked her to wait next to the school reception.

I thought it's a good idea since as long as the receptionists kept an eyes on her, she must be secured.

However, I was surprised that our teacher got them (my classmate and her daughter) sent home saying the school couldn't have responsibility for her safety.

They said that if they allowed to take student's children to their school, everybody would do the same thing.

It seemed to be strict for my classmate, but she agreed to the regulation.

If the same thing happened in Japan, would a school permit it only once?