LCC Trend In Japan 日本での格安航空会社の傾向

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Jul 29, 2013 21:57
I've heard by a TV program that the number of Japanese people who use LCC, low cost carrier is increasing.

I think it is a good trend because travelling with LCC is common in Europe.

If you saved your transportation fee, you could get your accomodation upgraded, or you could have a dinner at a pricey restraunt.

You can use your budget wisely.

However, you have to pay attention to the down sides : planes often don't operate punctually, or it is sometimes cancelled at the last minutes. Also, you can't expect courteous services.

In my case, I received a notice of cancellation from an European LCC the day before the flight and I had a lot of trouble getting a refund since the thier website wasn't user- friendly.

In order to cope with those problems, Japanese LCC have been developing some stragegies.