The First Lady In Japan 日本のファーストレディ

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Nov 22, 2019 08:12
Prime minister Abe is accused of suspicion that he used public money for his private parties that entertained his supporters.

There is a cherry blosssom viewing party every year, but I've been wondering why so many TV personalities, comedians, who don't seem to be interested in politics are invited.

These invited people looked confident because it is honour that the head of Japan approved them as celeblities.

However, according to an investigation, (or somone tipped off?) a part of the parties' cost was paid by public money.

Besides, Mrs Abe has given priority to her favorite catering company.

The companies that provide services to political parties are usually decided by bidding, but it didn't happen.

I think what she does is always lack of sense of responsibility as a first lady.