A commonality helps us to spark our conversation 共通点が会話を盛り上げる

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Nov 28, 2013 22:24
I happened to see my previous English teacher at the English school, whose method of teaching and character are controversial, so I wanted not to notice her.

However, I built up my courage,put on smile on my face and talked her awkwardly .

As I expected ,she didn't seem to be please to meet me and said, 'Hi roppi, how are you? Are you ○×○×??.'

I realised that I didn't always catch her words because she used difficult and unfamiliar expressions, so that I ended up asking 'Sorry, again please' and our conversation resulted in lack of enjoyment.

Nevertheless, I came up with the idea that we have something in common, which is the most favorite British soap opera 'Eastenders'.

It has been running since 1985 and my teacher recommended watching at her class.

At the beginning, I didn't understand Londoner's accent and complicated casts' relationship, yet I've begun to like it.

Even though the story is absurd and unrealistic, I sometimes sympathise the characters and even I feel the sense of belonging.

The last episode was absolutely ridiculous, a man chases an ex-wife who is in the plane which is about to take off and he convinces her to get together. The plane is delayed because of his disruption.

My teacher's face became beaming when we started the conversation.

Another British teacher noticed our topic and three of us talked lively and laughed a lot.

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