I Feel Nostargic for My Old Apartment 古いマンションが懐かしい

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Jun 12, 2017 18:49
I moved to a new apartment which I bought.

Owing to a record low interest rate, the monthly mortgage is cheaper than the rent which I used to pay.

Although only two days have passed since I moved in, I realized some advantages of living an old rented house.

First, when I was living in a rented apartment, I didn't need to pay for a maintenance fee, fund for reparing the building, and tax, since the owner pays these fees.

Second, the 40 year old apartment's facilities were not stylish, but functional, and had a warm atmosphere.

Since I'm 51 years old, I could fit in the classic room arrangement.

I loved the wide and deep Japanese storage for futon, a Japanse bedding.

Finally, the apartment's association organized activities quite often, which facilitated the relationship between old residents and new ones.
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