"New Coke" Teams up with the TV Drama New Cokeがテレビドラマとタイアップする。

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Jul 16, 2019 18:44
I read an article that says that "New Coke" is being on the market again even though they had unsuccessful sales in the past.
New Cokeが過去に売り上げが悪かったにも関わらず、再び市場にでている。

More than 30 years ago, "New Coke" received the negative reaction from consumers because they didn't like the taste.

However, now the company has developed an ad campaign in accordance with the popular drama's new season's release.

"New Coke" can be seen in the drama that has the setting in 80s.

It is a good stragety to promote "New Coke" because it helps viewers try the product, especially young generation who don't know the bad reputation in the past.
New Cokeの宣伝にはいい戦略だ。それは、視聴者が製品を試してみたいと思わせるし、特に昔の悪い評判をしらない若い世代に。

If their reactions were good, it would encourage adult to taste it again.