Using Company's Computer for Privately Purpose      会社のコンピューターを個人的に使うこと

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Mar 7, 2016 18:09
I read an article about an employee who being dismissed because he used messaging apps for both work and private.

The company prohibits employees from using these apps through their computers, so they monitor their messages all the time.

That employee sued the company that it violates privacy, but he was rejected.

An expert argued that dismissing is too strict, but I think the company would like to show an example of what will happen if employee don't follow their regulations.

If employees exchanged personal messages through companies' computers, their confidential information might leak outside.

However, if companies screened employees' messages 24/7, they would employ the people to do the task, therefore, companies would pay more personnel expenses.

In the end, that cost would add the companies' products or services.
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