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Jan 17, 2020 17:09
I went to Osaka for a trip with my sister in order to see idol's concert.It took about 4 hour and half to Osaka from Tokyo by shinkansen. I thought 4 hour and half is very long at first, but I felt shorter than I thought because we were talking and eating lunch.
After we arrived at Osaka, we went to buy goods to Kyocera dome.Also, we went to Spa-world, which have many onsen , bedrock bath and shops.We enjoyed them and ate okonomiyaki and takoyaki. I want to go there again.
Next day, we ate breakfast at the hotel we were staying. After that, we went to Tennoji zoo and saw a lot of animals. Especially,red pandas ware awesome. They were so cute. In addition, a ice cream we ate there was extremely delicious.
Having a great time with animals,the time we were looking forward in this trip came.
We spent a super fun time with idols in Kyocera dome.
This trip was my second Osaka trip but it was more fun than my first.
I bought a lot of gifts. If you have a plan going to Osaka, you should buy Pocky which we can buy only at Osaka.
Thank you for reading.