Schönbrunn Palace on 14.06.2012

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Jun 30, 2012 01:23 travel vienna
In the morning, I met the master in the reception.
He was smaller and fatter than I and about 40 years old. He spoke in an accent.
And he was very kind.

At first I entered the reception, he smiled to me and said 'Good Morning!' loudly.
And in 15 minutes, he explained rules of that hotel such as a limit of check in and out, prices and free WiFi.
I wanted to use the Internet , so was very glad to hear about it.
(However, it was possible to use it only in the reception, I couldn't use in my room..)

Honestly, I didn't decide any departures in Vienna because I was given a vacation suddenly.
So, I told him it.

He was surprised a little to hear it.
However, he recommended sight seeings and gave me a map and a pamphlet.

Especially in the pamphlet, I was attract with Schönbrunn's bright yellow,
I decided to go there.
He told me how to go there and how to buy a ticket which I could use 72 hours.

At 10:30, I reached the Palace.
The Palace have some areas including gardens, Gloriette, Roman Ruin and Schönbrunn Palace.

I saw them for 2 or 3 hours.
And finally, I went to Gloriette which was highest in the Palace.
I was impressed deeply to see the scenery from there.
I will never forget it.

After seeing at 16:00 , I returned to the city and went to a cafe and a restaurant.
And at 20:00, I went to the hotel and fell down at once.

The photo is Schönbrunn Palace and Gloriette.