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Jan 1, 2012 22:45
Ok, here I go.

Here it is 7:38 a.m, i send a greeting to all the people in the world, this year I think it will be amazing.
I am a student of math teaching and science teaching(i will be a junior high school and high school math teacher and/or science), the januray 9th I will be starting the first "cuatrimestre" of the year and I am so exciting, because everyday I am so close from graduate of the bachelor's degree in my studying.
Once I have graduate, I will start with the licenciate of my studying.

I really love teaching math to the people, but what I love the most is see the happy faces when they get something and start to believe that everything is possible and the maths are nothing difficult.

I give math and science particular classes, that means that in my home I give classes to teens that have problems with that subjects, but in a future I hope to teach to a classroom and (it is something very utopic, but you can dream, right?) changes maybe one life?

Do you believe I can do that?
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