Jade of He

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Jul 13, 2017 23:11 story
In the last years of East Chou dynasty, a farmer called "Bian He" found a rough stone and determined that it was a jade.

He presented it to the King Li as a tribute, but the appraiser concluded it was just a stone.

Angry King called an executor to cut off his right foot.

Years later, the King Wu succeed to the throne, and the farm presented the jade to the king as a tribute again.

However, the appraiser still affirmed it was nothing but a stone.

Furious king called an executor to cut off his left foot for lying to a king.

Years later, a new king was told that a farmer was desperately crying for three days.

Wanting to know why, he summoned the farmer.

"I am not cry for losing my feet. I am grieving at a jade mistaken as a stone and loyal officials getting railroaded. "

The new King found another appraiser to inspect the stone, and it turned out that under the surface of the stone was a priceless jade.

So, this jade was called Jade of He to commemorate this farmer.
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