On Reading "The Alchemist" in English.

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Apr 16, 2013 12:30 No more regrets!
I've finally finished reading an English novel called, "The Alchemist", which is a
book that a Lang-8 friend of mine recommended. I wanted to tell him that I finished reading it in English and what I felt about it, but he has quit Lang-8. It's such a shame that I can't do it. Let me write my feelings here.

Have you ever read this book? I've heard this novel is very popular all over the world. Unfortunately, and I don't know why, but it's not that well-known in Japan, so I hadn't heard of it he mentioned it.
As soon as I started reading it, I felt that it was both moving and profound and it brought up for me feelings of regret about what I have done. There are some things I really regret not doing. (Can I use "provoking novel" for this book?) I'm truly glad to have come across it. I am really grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to read such a great book. I think it is one of those books that would be good to reread again and again over the course of my life.
The first time, I read it in Japanese. It took me just a day and a half because it was in my native language and the book was thin. BUT In English...it's still a kind of tough task for me. Especially the word "as". The various meanings for "as" confused me. This time, whenever I came up against an unknown word or grammar I was unsure about, I would try to guess its meaning first, and then I would check it against the Japanese version.
I was told by some people that The Alchemist was written based on Christian ideas, but I don't think so. I think the theme of this book is that you have to treasure every minute of the life that you've been given so you don't lose sight of what's important to you. I don't think it's religious as such, but rather that it is a universal truth that everyone needs to keep in mind.

Since I started reading it, I have been thinking ...about what I think is important, where is it, and what I should do to get it (To be honest what I've been actually thinking is "what should I have done?"... A bit negative, I know... and I've also realized that I'd forgotten the resolutions I'd made after the awful tragedy which struck Japan two years ago. It was then that I realized that no one can know when they will die. So in order to not have any regrets, I will do all the things I've ever wanted to do ... I'd forgotten I'd made this resolution.

Now I think the most important thing for me to do in my life is to live thankfully in the present, to believe in myself, and to move on with a smile. I will lead my life without regret from now on. I WILL.

What about you? Have you found what it is most important for you? Is it/he/she/? close to you?

Thank you for reading such a long entry and sorry it's a bit negative.