The Exodus

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Mar 20, 2019 08:58
I live in a center of a 20-major-city in Japan. However, it seems very rural.
For example, we have incredible numbers of stray cats or wild cats in our town. They don't have any owners, but they aren't completely wild. They are born in this town every three or four months and they have 3 or 4 babies at a time. They don't think of the birth control, so the population explosion is much faster than our species.

These cats probably don't catch mouses or rats because there are very few in this "urban" area. Cats are fed by some humans or they eat garbage or something.
I see many posters in my area which says:
"Do not feed stray cats! It's out of law."
"Never ever feed wild cats! When I see somebody feed them, I'll call the police immediately."
There are such posters on walls, which is the strong evidence that somebody actually feeds them. There are even fat cats as well.

Anyway, I think I would see more cats than humans when I walk Moka, by beloved beagle, in my neighborhood.


I have seen very little cats these couple of weeks.
I hadn't realized this until last night when I walked around my neighborhood with my daughter. We wondered why this happened.

There are no wild or stray dogs around here. If there is one, they are saved or "arrested" by the Animal Center immediately. My beloved Moka was once lost, but she was found in there in several hours. Humans can catch dogs quite easily.

However, in cases of cats, monkeys or birds, the matter is not so easy. They can move faster, climb up higher, or go into smaller places or fly. I believed that this was the reason why stray cats were very popular in our human society than stray dogs. They cannot be extinct by humans.

However, I should have known better. Humans are cleverer than them. We can use traps. We can use some awesome food or smell like マタタビ, Actinidia. Cats cannot resist to keep away from that smell.
They should have been caught, and maybe officially executed by now.


I don't want to think in that way.
Or I shouldn't say in that way on Lang-8 where good boys and girls are learning foreign languages.

I have to explain that a Moses cat appeared and brought them to someplace else. They might be happier there.