Moka is fine today!

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Apr 19, 2019 08:43
One of the most useful barometers of her heath condition is the time she eats her breakfast.
She was able to eat her food in 45 seconds when she was young.
As she got older, it took her around 60 seconds, and when she was sick, it became longer, for example 90 seconds.

Today, she was quite fine and she ate her good without any pause.
It took her about 80 seconds.

You may think that "80 seconds" indicates that she was not so good.

But there was no problem with that record.
Recently, I've given her twice as much as her previous amount of dog food.
I've increased the amount of her food because of the attempt to reduce her frail or sarcopenia condition.

Eighty divided by two equals 40, so it seems very fast to eat her twice as much food in 80 seconds.

And, she seems satisfied with that food increase!
I too am satisfied with that record.

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