Moka ate her dinner in the morning in 50 seconds, but I'm worried about her health.

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Nov 7, 2018 12:08
This morning, I found a lot of her poops.
I cleaned them, and I realized that they were not the usual poops which were solid.
They were pasty, half-solid and half-liquid. They were not completely watery diarrhea.
It seemed that she suffered from a common cold, a stomach and intestine inflammation.

I reduced the amount of her meal this morning. So she was able to eat it in less than 60 seconds, which had been my criteria of her being healthy.

The meal is given only once a day in the morning.
So I think it can be called "breakfast" and at the same time "her dinner", the main meal for the day.

She had a good appetite, so her health condition was not so bad, I think.
But I don't know.
Maybe she was so greedy that any severe disease couldn't make her lose her appetite.

By the way, it took me a while to clean those poops. I had to wash them out.

I hope Moka will be healthy again soon.
But I don't know whether I'm concerned about her health, or I just don't want to clean her softer poops.

.... Of course, I am worried about her health.
... Maybe.