If I were a politician, I would make a law not to report anything regarding to South Korea.

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Sep 11, 2019 11:17
The political war between South Korea and Japan has becoming worse and worse.
I think mass media should ignore it, and do not make national people of the two countries hate each other.

I wasn't interested in Korea at all before.
However, I have a negative opinion about it as a Japanese person.

A law to prohibit to report anything regarding South Korea and Japan will probably reduce the emotional conflict that will never be solved forever.

I'm totally getting tired of it.
I do not want to see it anymore.

みざる、いわざる、きかざる would be the best way to solve this kind of things.

Keep my mouth shut,
keep my eyes closed,
and keep my ears plugged.

「雨降って地固まる (Talking each other thoroughly will make a good deal in the end) 」seems a more preferable way, but it's nothing but merely an illusion.
It will definitely cause the actual war.

Dissociating oneself may be a wise know-how from time to time.