Hi, everyone~

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Feb 10, 2009 03:53
Hi, everyone,
I'm Luke, just registered today & happy to join Lang-8 !!

I'm Chinese (Taiwanese) and live in Taiwan, but I mostly read/write in English.
I also study French just because I love it!

Hope to improve my English & French so I can travel in Europe & USA without being worry about communication problem. Looking forward to meet great friend here!
my msn: luke.chi AT gmail.com
See you~~

= in Chinese | 中文 =

嗨, 大家好, 我是 Luke, 我今天才註冊了一個帳號, 很高興加入 Lang-8 !!

我是中國人(台灣人), 住在台灣, 可是我大部分時間都是讀英文或是用英文寫作.

希望我的英文跟法文能進步, 這樣我在歐洲或美國旅行時就不需要太擔心語言不通.
我的 msn: luke.chi AT gmail.com