Hotel California

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Jul 12, 2018 16:01
I picked up a female foreigner in the 30s. As she showed the paper that wrote the address, I thought it would be a tourist. A few years ago I have asked in English carelessly. "Where are you from?"
English came back like a machine gun from him. Since then, I felt fear and never talked to foreigners. I was tempted to her comfortable smile and started to talk.
Me : Where are you from?
Woman : California.
Me : California. Nice · · such a love place.
Woman : Hotel California !
Two of us laughed a lot.
She started talking. I am an architect, the first time I came to Japan, I can speak French and German, I want to learn Japanese.
I asked if you like Japanese traditional architecture. There are many traditional architecture in Japan. Shrines, temples and old private houses. Of course she has known it. We arrived at the destination, and the happy time was over in 20 minutes.
ホテル カリフォルニア
30代の女性外国人を乗せた。住所を書いた紙を見せたので、ツーリストだろうと思った。何年か前、うっかり英語で尋ねたことがあった。「Where are you from?」
Me : Where are you from?
Woman : California.
Me : California. Nice・・・such a love place.
Woman : Hotel California !
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