Happenning on the train.

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Dec 24, 2011 23:07
1. I remember a soar memory on the train this morning. One day, I was standing in fromt of a seat on the crawded train. I went to my company by train which took about 45minutes. (The train is still crawded every morning on weekdays).

It was many that I could not sit at all untill I arrived at my station.

Halway, the man who was sitting in front of me begun to stand and I felt that it was lucky to be able to sit down that day. But a young female next to the man raplidly sifted beside the place where I was about to sit down. It was natural that the man who was standing next to me sit the empty place where she had sit so far.

I was so young that I got angry. The female kept closing her eyes with her face down.

2. Last night I had a doze in the train on my way back home. When I woke up at an station, I thought that this was the station where I had to get off and stepped out rapidly. But at a glance I felt the seneary seemed to be a little different from my station.
I mistook it for my station.