Family crisis

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Dec 13, 2011 16:19
The rear-end collision brought me serious problem unexpectedly.

My wife went to Tokyo to stay with her family from the end of the yeat to the beginning of a new year as scheduled. And I would go to her home later and return with my family by my car.

But I was so bad that I hesitated to driving. Her home is nearly by 280km far from my city.

I told my wife that I stopped going her home.

Though I had determined to stay alone for some days of a new year untill my family came back,
I found that it was too hard to do little. My neck was too stiff.
I requested my wife some times to come back one day earlier but she answered that she would not be able to return because she had a schedule to meet her friends.

On the 5th of January, the previous day when my family would return, I was day off and had nothing to do.

I really wanted my family to return and stay with them. I called her again and told her to return in the night. But it was in vein and I run out of patience.

"Why won't she return now that I am in a bad condition?"

The following day, I worked during the day. But I could do nothing other than lay myself.

After I went home, my family had already returned. My wife made apolosize to me again and again but I couldn't contain my anger and didn't manage to forgive for her.

I am ashamed to say that I didn't feel like talking with her for a while. She got depressed.

It was true that it was the most crisis that we had not faced ever.

But I thought that it would be nonsense that this accindent made us crack.