summer holidays

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Aug 11, 2012 21:16
This year's summer holidays are not holidays to me at all.
First of all,I have much to do.(Probably I can't finish all in a summer.)
Everyone says,"Summer is a critical time for students facing entrance examinations"
I know only 5 months are left by the National Center Exam(the biggest exam which Most Japanese students simultaneously take in Japanese )
I've become more and more afraid of that exam.
every time I go to bed,I wonder if I can pass it 5 months later.To be honest,I'm afraid of going to bed because I'm afraid I should study more.(I can't help but fall asleep,though,because it's human nature. )
I feel as if what I have to do is preposterous and I'm far from it.
Almost every night I regret for not doing my best...

By the way,I have a trial exam this weekend.I had Japanese and Math exams today,and I have English,Geography and World History exams tomorrow.
I wanted to practice writing about my thoughts in English before that.
That's why I decided to write this entry.

Thank you for reading my entry:)