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Jun 24, 2012 19:03
I've been wondering which university to go in the near future.
I have wanted to learn some foreign languages for years,and I tried studying German and Russian before.
If I go to Faculty of Foreign Studies,I can study what I really want to do.But,I have also much that I want to study.
Besides that,I'd like to make the most of my ability and study a lot of things,for I need only world history and English for subjects to apply for entrance exams of that university.
My point is,I don't want to make what I have learned so far futile.(Of course,I know there isn't any futile things in which I have learned in school.)

I'm so afraid to take a wrong turning in life,and I'm always so timid that I can't decide anything because I don't want to regret after that.

I realized that choosing something means cutting down other things.

What prompted you to decide on the course to take before entering your university or other major turning point in your life?

Thank you for reading my entry written in my poor English.