My first two sentences

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Jul 26, 2011 02:54 first two sentences particles grammar Katakana Kanji handwriting hand writing handwritten written
こんにちは, native Japanese speakers. Here is my first try to put two Japenese sentences together by myself (or three, if you count the こんにちは^^)


What I tried to say is:
My name is Lukas (ルカス?).
I am trying to learn Japanese.

I'm pretty sure the first sentence is correct, as I pretty much copied it, but I'm not sure at all about the second sentence. I hope what I wrote makes sense. Please correct them.

I also uploaded a picture of my handwriting of these sentences, in case I did something wrong there.

Also, I noticed that 日本語 seems to have two pronounciations: にほんご and にっぽんご. Which one should I use?

(Please don't write comments in Japanese, because as you propably already guessed, I'm just beginning to learn Japanese, so I wouldn't understand it.)
Thanks for your help.