Counting of scissors

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Nov 9, 2013 17:35

I am sorry to trouble you, but please tell me following question.

Counting of scissors
I think scissors counting is multiple in english.
Now, I am reading a sentence of book that also use for scissors is they.

Then, which sentense are correct Aor B.

A: They are pair of scissors.
B: That is a pair of scissors.

an example illustrating

Jun: Could you cut this out with a pair of scissors?
Ruth: Sure, Where are they?
Jun: They 're in the cabinet by the window.



 < 例文 >
 ジュン: これをはさみで切り取ってくれる?
 ルース: いいわよ。はさみはどこにあるの?
 ジュン : 窓際のキャビネットの中だよ。