Phantom thief Lupin(怪盗ルパン)

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Jul 31, 2012 23:34
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That unpublished work in the series "Lupin Thief" masterpiece of the French writer Maurice Leblanc has been translated into Japanese,and be published from Tor Books on early September of the 25th, was found.

That the title is "last love Lupin". It is a new work that approximately 70 years passed from the last his work publishaed in 1941.
Seen the same work, and was written around the year 36 to 37 of his last years Le Blanc, for he died and completely done without elaboration, unpublished work of its existence there has not been known for a long time.
This is a story, Lupin who as a teacher to help poor children in the suburbs of Paris that he chased by the British intelligence agencies over around the secret hidden in the book.

This novel is in addition to adventure elements, also has become full of charm as a love story.

The manuscript was kept a survivor of LeBlanc, was published in France in May this year with the consent of the bereaved family, was called a topic.
フランスの作家モーリス・ルブランの名作『怪盗ルパン』シリーズの未発表作が邦訳され、9月上旬に早川書房から出版されることが25日、わかった。タイトルは『ルパン 最後の恋』で、1941年に最後の作品が刊行されて以来、約70年ぶりの新作となる。


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