"Vampires, Bulgaria origin?"

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Jul 30, 2012 16:11
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"Vampires, Bulgaria origin?" That article has described in the newspaper. It is said that human bones are found in succession of Bulgaria Eastern Europe.
That was a pile that the bones was implanted in the chest. It has been a model of "Dracula" novel is a man of neighboring Romania. However, the article to as "the hometown of a vampire was Bulgaria" by this discovery.
Its contents are as follows. That first found "bones of vampire", in the ancient city Sozoboru eastern Bulgaria, the Black Sea coast was on early June. When they unearthed ruins of the church, two human bones seems to have came out , that the bones had pierced 10cm pile of iron in the chest. Seen as both men and women of the 13th and 14th centuries. As the survey team seems to have announced, "It is ritual that has been subjected to death, not raised as a vampire".

According to the director of the Bulgarian National Historical Museum, the belief was spreading since ancient in the country ," that people who repeatedly attacked wrongdoing during his life was that their after of the death, they become a vampire ". It is to prevent from becoming a vampire, that was followed until the early 20th century, the habit of fixing in the ground such as the bodies pile iron.
as found the human bones of the couple in Sozoboru, and that can be seen from the high status that because had been buried near the church. And soIt is the story of the director of " It was high possible ,the lord of misrule. from a pirate
As his wife seduced her husband, and also the pile was driven to her.