nuclear power and debate

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Jul 23, 2012 16:22
There is a debate on methods of advanced study of Japanese language. This is a technique for to use the words students have learned, to speak more. One way to do this is first divided into two sets of students, for example, "dogs or cats, Which do you like", or " Western-style room or Japanese-style room, which is good" You make to be discussed against theme. If you chose the theme in "dogs or cats, which do you like" And you make "dog school" a group of one, and "school cat" the other groups. Decide some people responsible for screening the results of the discussion of the role. 
You may had better to decide in advance how scoring points clearly for make good.
It is good idea to prepare explanatory material prior. Order to do, as follows: 1. state the reasons each group of first love. 2. Next, refute of the opponent's reason. 3. Discussed in both sides. 4. The judges to review the results of the discussion, decide the outcome. The above is the debate. However, when you debate as a theme of "nuclear power, favor or opposite". Seem to be win the group became "pro" is difficult what even convincing people. It is too many problems that can not be persuaded anti-earthquake measures, such as processing and handling of nuclear waste. I want to take early measures, such as nuclear power favor side will win in the debate.