"Create a norm of the South China Sea", said Secretary-General of ASEAN.

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Jul 22, 2012 15:01
On June 21, Secretary-General of ASEAN Surin Bissuwan showed the idea of South China Sea issue to reporters of Asahi News in Bangkok. This is a joint problem could not vote at a meeting of foreign ministers from member.
The Secretary-General said "make the norms of the South China Sea. And in ddition further said "ASEAN has been well arranged in the standpoint that it is necessary to legally binding code of conduct between Chaina"
Mr.Surin said as "it is one send that the wrong message to the international community not match ASEAN". This is one of the lessons. rather than commitment to the country of one somewhere, and do not take a neutral position, He added, "I can not act as adjustment of the East Asian region. We hit the "repair of cracks," such as Indonesia, which is also shown and prospects for the development agreement isobtained near the Code of Conduct.
ASEAN "Association of South‐East Asian Nations" is that mechanism of regional cooperation in cultural, political, economic and social security of 10 countries in Southeast Asia.
The abbreviation are “ASEAN”.
The headquarters are located in Jakarta, Indonesia
事務総長は、「南シナ海の規範を作る」とし、さらに「中国との間で法的拘束力のある行動規範が必要であるとする立場でASEANはまとまっている」と語った。 スリン氏は、「ASEANが一致しないと国際社会に間違ったメッセージを送る。今回の教訓の一つだ」として、どこかの一方の国に肩入れするのでなく、中立的な立場をとらないと、東アジア地域の調整機能を果たすことができない」と指摘した。