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Jun 11, 2012 15:58
Such a ploy would be pitifully obvious even to a human and besides, the triloids wait for you there. Hand over the Amulet or you will discover that your ramshackle defense Shield will count for nothing.
He stood up and held out his hand. There was a pause. Behind my Seal, Jabor's patient
(if unimaginative) Detonations still sounded. The door itself must have long since been turned to powder. In the garden the three sentinels hovered, all their eyes trained on me. I looked around the room for inspiration. "The Amulet, Bartimateus."
I raised my hand, and with a heavy, rather theatrical sigh, took hold of the Amulet. Then I leaped to my left. At the same time, I released the Seal on the door. Faquarl gave a tut of annoyance and began a gesture. As he did so he was hit square on by a particularly powerful
Detonation that came shooting through the empty gap where the Seal had been. It sent him backward into the fireplace and the brickwork collapsed upon him.
I smashed my way into the greenhouse just as Jabor stepped through the gap into kitchen. As Faquarl emerged from the rubble, I was breaking out into the garden. The three sentinels converged on me, eyes wide and legs rotating.
Scything claws appeared at the ends of their blobby feet.
I cast an Illumination of the brightest kind. The whole garden was lit up as if by an exploding sun. The sentinel's eyes were dazzled; they chattered with pain.
I leaped over them and ran through the garden, dodging bolts of magic that sparang from the house. incinerating trees.
At the far end of the grounds, between a compost heap and a motorized lawnmower, I vaulted the wall. I tore through the blue latticework of magical node, leaving
a boy-shaped hold. Instntly alarm bells began ringing all over the grounds.
I hit the pavement outside. the Amulet bouncing and banging on my chest.
On the other side of the wall I heard the sound of galloping hooves. It was high time I made a change. Peregrine falcons are the fastest birds on record. They can attain a speed of two hundred kilometers an hour in diving flight. Rarely has one achieved this horizontally over the roofs of North London.
Some would even doubt that this was possible, particularly while carrying a wig
hty amulet around its neck.
Suffice it to say, however, that when Faquarl and Jabor landed in the Hampstead backstreet, creating an invisible obstruction that was immediately hit by a speeding moving van, I was nowhere to be seen. I was long gone.
フェイキアールがレンガの下から出てきた頃には、私は庭に飛び出していた。三人の見張りがいっせいに飛びかかってきた。目をむき、足をいきおいよく動かしている。丸くなった足の先から大鎌のような鉤爪がぬっとあらわれた。私は思い切りまぶしい光を放った。あたかも爆発した太陽に照らされたかのように、庭が光の洪水と化す。見張りたちは目がくらみ、痛みでふるえている。私はやつらを飛び越えると、庭を走りながら、家の中から放たれる魔法の攻撃をよけた。 私の先にある木が、とばっちりを受けて燃えている。
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