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Mar 20, 2012 16:11
I cocked my head again, listening. All was quiet in the house. I raised my hand over the cabinet, smiling at my reflection as it clenched its fist.
Then I bought my hand down and drove it through the glass.
A throb of magical energy resounded through all seven planes. I seized the Amulet and hung it round my neck. I turned swiftly. The room was as before, but I could sense something on the seventh plane, moving swiftly and coming closer. The time for stealth was over.
As I ran for the door I noticed out of the corner of my eye a portal suddenly open in midair. Inside the portal was a blackness that was immediately obscured as something stepped out through it. I charged at the door and hit it with my small boy's fist. The door smashed open like a bent playing card. I ran past it without stopping.
In the corridor, the toad turned me and opened its mouth. A green gobbet of slime issued forth, which suddenly accelerated down at me, aiming for head. I dodged and the slime splattered on the wall behind me, destroying a painting and everything down to the bare
bricks beneath it. I threw a bolt of Compression at the toad. With a small croak of regret it imploded into a dense blob of matter the size of a marble and dropped to the floor.
I didn't break stride. As I ran on down the corridor I placed a protective Shield around my physical body in case of further missiles.
Which was a wise move as it happened, because the next instant a Detonation struck the floor directly behind me. The impact was so great that I was sent flying headlong at an angle down the corridor and half into the wall.
Green flames licked around me. leaving streaks on the decor like the fingers of a giant hand. I struggled to my feet amid the confusion of shattered brinks and turned around.
Standing over the broken door at the form of a very tall man with bright red skin and the head of a jackal. "Bartimaeus! "
Another Detonation shot down the corridor. I somersaulted under it, aiming for the stars, and as the green explosion vaporized the corner of the wall, rolled head over heels down the steps, through the banisters and six feet down onto the black-and-white floor, cracking it quite badly.