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Feb 23, 2012 20:08
"Yes, I heard what you said". I didn't mean to sound petulant. It just slipped out, and my sepulchral
tones slipped a bit too. "Then go!"
"What a minute!" I felt that queasy sensation in my stomach that you always get when they dismiss you.
Like someone sucking out your insides through your back. They have to say it three times to get rid of you,if you're keen on sticking around. Usually you're not. But this time I remained where I was, two glowing eyes in an angry fug of boiling smoke.
"Do you know what you are asking for. boy?"
"I am neither to converse, discuss, nor parley with you; nor to engage in any riddles, bets, or games of chance; nor--" I have no wish to converse, with a scrawny adolescent, believe you me, so save your rote-learned rubbish. Someone is taking advantage of you. Who is it --your master, I suppose?
A wizened coward hiding behind a boy." I let the smoke recede a little, exposed my outlines for the first time , hovering dimly in the shadows. "You are playing with fire twice over , if you seek to rob a true magician by summoning me. Where are we? London?" He nodded. Yes, it was London all right. Some grotty town house. I surveyed the room through the chemical fumes. Low ceiling, peeling wallpaper; a single faded print on the wall. It was a somber Dutch landscape -- a curious choice for a boy. I'd have expected pop chicks, football players .... Most magicians are conformists, even when young.
"Ah, me ...." My voice was emollient and wistful. "It is a wicked would and they taught you very little." "I am not afraid of you! I have given you your charge and I demand you go!"
The second dismissal. My bowels felt as if they were being passed over by a steamroller.I sensed my form waver, flicker. There was power in this child , though he was very young.
"It is not me you have to fear; not now, anyway. Simon Lovelace well come to you himself when he finds his amulet stolen. He will not spare you for your youth."
" You are bound to do my will" "I am" "I had to hand it to him." he was determined. And very stupid.
His hand moved. I heard the first syllable of the Systemic Vise. He was about to inflict pain.
I went. I didn't bother with any more special effects.


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