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Jan 16, 2012 13:05
Japanese use word a lot which is "Ki" .
I'll try to explain about "ki 気mind".
"ki" is an important concept in Japanese popular psychology and in interpersonal relationships. The word ” ki気“, which means loosely“mind", “spirit”, or “heart" ,is used in over forty idiomatic expressions to describe various states of mind. They may be classified roughly into the following categories.
(1)Consciousness, awareness ,or sanity: when a person becomes insane, it is said that his “ki is out of kilter “(ki ga kuruu); when he faints , his“ ki becomes distant” (ki ga toku naru);when he is distracted , his “ki becomes scattered ”(ki ga chiru).

(2)Interest,intention, or volition; when an individual is willing ,his “ki proceeds” (ki ga susumu);when he loses his initial interest, his “ki changes” (ki ga kawaru).

(3)Mood, feelings,or emotions: when a person feels depressed, his “ki sinks or becomes closed”(ki ga shizum/fusagu); when he is nervous, his "ki becomes ruffled" (ki ga kushakusha suru).
(4)Temperament, heart, or mind: of a quick-tempered person it is said his "ki is short"(ki ga mijikai); of good-natured person that his "ki is long" (ki ga nagai),However in most expressions it is ki , not the individual, that is the subject of the statement. When a person is patient, it is not he but the ki(in him)that is long. When an individual feels depressed, it is not he but ki that sinks.