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About me

Hello, everyone.

I run a small local office.

Although having a good knowledge of English wasn't essential for my job, I joined Lang-8 and began to learn English on a whim several years ago.

Since then, to my pleasant surprise, I have become more and more fascinated with the English language while writing journal entries in English and receiving corrections from a lot of kind members of Lang-8. And what is more, I really enjoy communicating with them.

By the way,
I have usually corrected or proofread the journal entries written in Japanese that are already well-written, in order to make them more natural and more sophisticated. This is because I love to read beautifully written Japanese. Don't feel discouraged when you see that you've received a lot of corrections / changes in your journal entries from me. I always admire your excellent writings.

Of course, I'm very glad if you correct my journal entries and make some comments. However, I never correct your journal entries just because I want you to correct my journal entries in return. Don't feel obligated to do that when you receive corrections from me.

Let's keep learning languages together!

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Testimonials from My Friends

Mmbeachさん is always eager to correct and to help Japanese learners. She is a real "woman of letters", and has a very deep knowledge of her native tongue! Her entries are proof of this; they start off casually, but turn out very interesting and thought-provoking by the end. She also seems to be a very strong and sturdy person in real life too.:^)
She is so kind and helpful! She always helps me and corrects my entries. Thank you!!!
mmbeach is amazing! Her journals are filled with extremely useful information for people who are learning Japanese. She has a very good understanding of the intricacies of grammar, and she takes time to correct entries with great detail. I greatly value the help she's given me. どうもありがとうございます!
Kame Sennin ✗ 鬼斬り ✗
I am really glad I was able to meet Mmbeach on Lang-8. Her English is really good, her journals are always so profound and sometimes even thought provoking. She always finds something interesting to write about. Her journals also let me know she is a really considerate person in real life, and a really good worker. She also helps me by correcting my journals, introducing interesting and useful expressions to me, and talking with me about the themes both of us write about in our journals.