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Apr 27, 2011 20:30
I’m contacting everyone I know because I want to spread the word about the plight of the animals left behind in the exclusion zone around the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, where the human residents have been evacuated due to the risk of radiation exposure. Please join me in speaking out for the animals who need immediate rescue.

Following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami, which caused extensive damage to the area, the Japanese government declared a 20-kilometre (12-mile) exclusion zone around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Most farmers and residents abandoned their livestock and pets―some were locked in sheds or homes, others left outside to fend for themselves. The Japanese government had initially informed people thatthey would be able to go home within 3 days.

That has not been the case. People were not able to return home to do something for their animals. Since the declaration of the excusion zone, thousands of cows, pigs, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, and other animals have died. Those left in cages, barns, or homes with no food or water died alone. Some of the animals left outdoors―or who managed to escape their confines―are left to roam aimlessly, or have unfortunately preyed on each other.

A New York Times article published April 21st reports,
“At a farm in Namie, the scene was grisly: about 40 cows, chained to their posts, lay dead, side by side, in two adjacent barns. Another dead cow was sprawled across the road, blood oozing from its mouth.”

According to the same article, the Japanese government plans to begin strict enforcement of the exclusion
zone as of midnight Thursday, April 21st. This means that no farmers or pet owners will be able to enter the area to do anything to relieve the suffering of the animals they left behind. Emergency shelters do not allow animals, so pet owners, now knowing that they will not be able to return home for an
indefinite period, still
cannot take their beloved companions with them.

Please consider taking action to help relieve the suffering of these animals. We must urge the Japanese
government to rescue these animals. For domestic animals who have not lived in the wild for generations, to be left behind without human caretakers is to be left behind in the pits of hell.

I truly believe that when we keep animals for our own benefit, whether for our livelihoods as with farm animals or for companionship as with our pets, we are obligated to take care of them in return for those benefits. To do nothing for these animals, as the Japanese government is currently doing, is an outrage against humanity.

Even all the way over here in the United States, we can still do something to help. We can put pressure on the Japanese government to help these poor, abandoned animals. The government can easily ignore the voices of its own citizens who speak up for their animals, but when international voices, like ours, speak up, the government will listen, even if for no other reason than to save

Here are some simple actions you can take for the animals in Fukushima:

・ Call the Japanese embassy 202-238-6700 and tell them you support animal rescue in Fukushima.

・ Write to the prime Minister of Japan,,
lexpressing your opinion about how it is an outrage against humanity to abandon these animals. Please write your full name and your address or location.

・ Email, call, or write to TV stations, newspapers, and magazines, and inform them that animals in Fukushima are struggling to survive in terrible conditions.

・ Spread the message to your family and friends, and please ask them to help.

Let’s speak up for the animals who cannot speak up for themselves.

The pictures on these Japanese websites show the harsh reality in Japan’s devastated areas, including pictures provided by volunteers who went to feed or rescue the animals in Fukushima without regard to the risks of exposing themselves to radiation:

Please read this article also.

Don’t let their efforts go to waste because the government won’t do anything to help the animals. Please take action today!

『Tell the Japanese Government that the cruel act of starving animals must finally be made illegal』