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Apr 5, 2011 22:40 darkman movie review
This movie was made at 1990 directed by Sam Raimi. I like his earlier movie titled "Evil Dead", kind of horror comedy. And, this movie "Darkman" could be labeled to the same kind of genre even though there're not so much comic situations as "Evil Dead". Like "Evil Dead" was horror and comedy at the same time, life has two sides of a coin. namely paradox or irony. This movie "Darkman" also contains this kind of paradox. Darkman could be a good guy to revenge to his enemies for what they did to him and his girl friend. But at the same time, he could be an evil guy who's satisfied with violent actions to human. So at the last scene, darkman told himself. "I am everyone and no one." Although this movie could be just an action movie, I think it contains some truths about our lives. Yin Yang.