What do you think about modifying human genes?

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Jan 23, 2019 01:32 gene
A Chinese scientist is being blamed for making a twin girls whose genes were modified. He seems to have modified the girls' gene when they were an ovum, so that they wouldn't get AIDS, because their father got AIDS.

Most of scientists around the world blame him because they think they must not modify human genes. If they allow it, they can make people as they like. It is very terrible, isn't it?

There are some problems about this case. How about the girls' human rights? The girls will be an object of study. They will be observed throughout their lives. How about their health? We can't know what will happen to the girls because they are the first humans whose genes were modified. Are they allowed to have babies? If they have babies, of course, their babies will have the same problems as them. What do you think about modifying human genes?