Carlos Ghosn, his greed hurt his reputation

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Jan 10, 2019 01:25 greed Carlos Ghosn
A Japanese big car company Nissan was in financial difficulties in the late 90's. Carlos Ghosn was inducted as the president of Nissan in 1999 and succeeded in rebuilding the company. At that time, most Japanese mass media admired him as a good manager.

After eighteen years, he was arrested by Japanese police on December 2018. The reason is because he is suspected to have underreported his income from Nissan more than 10 million dollars and shifted his 16 million dollars losses by stocks trades to Nissan. Moreover, he is suspected to use money of Nissan for himself. He could do that because he had been the president of Nissan for a long time so that power became concentrated in him. I think this case happened because of his greed for money. He lost his reputation because of his greed.
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