My Life As A Writer 4 (Natsume Soseki)

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Sep 3, 2019 00:49 Soseki
I can't eat lightly seasoned food, which habitual drinkers like. I like highly seasoned food. I like China and Western cuisine. I don't think I want to eat Japanese cuisine. Though my sense of taste has not grown so that I can choose proper restaurants like gourmets. It's only because of my childish sense of taste and because I only like greasy food. I don't drink alcohol. I can drink a cup of sake deliciously, but I can't drink more than a cup.

Instead, I eat sweets. But I eat them if they are in my house. I don't bother to eat them going so far as going a shop and buying them. I drink green tea deliciously too, but I don't know how to make it. I smoke. I stopped smoking for a while, but I started smoking again, because I think that not smoking is not a thing I can well boast of. When my tongue roughened or I had stomach trouble, I stopped smoking for a while, but I smoke again after they recovered. I usually smoke Asahi in my house. I don't know the price, but I think the price would be cheap, because my wife always buy them. When I smoke outside, I smoke Sikishima. Because it is convenient, I can buy it for a ten-sen silver piece and I don't have to receive any change. I don't know whether it is more tasty than Asahi or not.
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