Which is more important in political elections?

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Jul 20, 2019 23:25 election politician
Which do you think is more important for you when you vote for a candidate in political elections? Their policy or personality? In Japan, they tend to think their personality is more important. They tend to vote for a candidate because of their famousness and popularity more than their policy and ability as a politician.

On the other day, a male Diet member of a party said in campaign speech for a candidate of the party, who was a member of an idol group, that her most achievement is to have had children. She says, "I want to be a politician as a representative of mothers." Of course, mothers are great, but she doesn't say about her policy and what she will do concretely if she become a politician. On the other hand, the party doesn't expect her ability as a politician, but they just want to take advantage of her popularity, and they think she has only to follow policy of the party. Even if candidates don't have own policy and what they can do concretely for the nations, if they are famous, popular and follow policy of a party, they can become politicians.