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Sep 6, 2019 01:42 retaurant Miyazawa Kenji
But to be annoying, there is a door again. A mirror was hung aside the door, and a brush with a long handle was put under the mirror. This words "To the customer. Please fix your hair and wipe the mud off your shoes." was written on the door in red letters.
"This is quite right. I underestimated this restaurant a little time ago at the entrance because it is open in such a deep forest."
"This restaurant is strict with manners. I think people of high social status often come here."
They fixed their hair and wiped the mud off their shoes. Surprisingly, as soon as they put the brush on a board, the brush disappeared and the strong wind blew in the room. They were very surprised and snuggled up to each other, then opened the door and went in the next room. They thought that they should eat warm meals and cheer themselves up, otherwise they thought that they would suffer serious consequences.