The tension between the U.S and North Korea has risen recently

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May 4, 2017 01:09 North Korea U.S
The tension between the U.S and North Korea has risen recently. The U.S government sent their carrier to near North Korea and North Korea declared that they continue to develop nuclear weapons. They fired some missiles to Japan sea, though they failed. The U.S president Donald Trump said that he has all options including war, so it seems more likely that the war between the U.S and North Korea will break out.

In this situation, I am interested in Hashimoto's opinion. Hashimoto is one-time Osaka governor. He said that we must think which situation it will claim the victims of general people in South Korea and Japan more, when they go to war to stop their developing nuclear weapons or when North Korea has them. He said "This is the view of executors". If the war begin, there may be many victims of missiles which North Korea fired on in South Korea an Japan. On the other hand, if North Korea has nuclear weapons, it doesn't claim the victims soon. He think that North Korea may have them for that reason. In contrast, we Japanese should strengthen our defense capability like having nuclear weapons and a ability of destroying enemy's area.

I almost agree with him, but have a fear. When North Korea has nuclear weapons, if they are given to terrorist, try to imagine how the world would be. It must be a terrible situation. We must think how we stop being this situation.


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