Do you think what animals are clever ?

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Feb 4, 2016 00:14 animal clever brain
When we think what animals are clever, how do we think that? We should compare the brain weight of animals but so whales are the most clever, it is wrong, isn't it? And so there is a interesting index, which is a comparison of the rate of the brain weight in the body weight. It is called encephalization quotient.
If a cat is 1 in this index, human is 7.6, dolphin is 5.3, chimpanzee is 2.4, whale is 1.8, fox is 1.6, gorilla is 1.3, elephant is is 1.3, crow is 1.3, dog is 1.2, sparrow is 1, horse is 0.9, lion is 0.6, cow is 0.5, pig is 0.4, chicken is 0.25.
Do you think what animals are clever and what animal is the most clever?