A Japanese era name would change from 2019

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May 5, 2017 01:20 era name Japan emperor
A Japanese era name would change from 2019. Normally, it changes when Japan's emperor dies. You may think why you know the present emperor will die in 2019. I will explain the reason. The Japan's emperor Akihito announced that he wanted to step down from the throne last year because of his old age. He is eighty three years old now. He said that he wanted to do constitutional functions of the emperor with all his soul but he could not do any more. The Japanese government heard it and received his resignation.

The present Japanese era name is 平成(Heisei) and this year is Heisei 29 year. Former one is 昭和(Syouwa) and it continued for sixty three years. The one before Syouwa is 大正(Taishyo) and it continued only for fifteen years because the Taishyo emperor died early after he mounted the throne.

The Japanese government seems to have four appropriate options for next one. They are two characters of kanji and seems not to be used commonly. However the next era name wouldn't use long because the next Japanese emperor Naruhito, who is the crown prince, is already fifty seven years old. Can you guess the next Japanese era name?