What do you think about plastic surgery to be beautiful?

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Mar 7, 2019 00:28 plastic surgery
First of all, I want you to see the first picture of a Korean woman. Is she ugly? Then I want you to see the second picture. Is she beautiful?

She had had an inferiority complex about her face, so she got plastic surgery many times to become beautiful. The second picture shows the result. People have their own faces by nature, but some people seem to dislike their face and even attribute their unhappiness to their faces. They think if they were more beautiful, they would be happier. But people like that tend not to be satisfied with their faces, how many times they get plastic surgery. What do you think about plastic surgery to be beautiful? Do you want to do it?

The first picture. http://buzz-plus.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/senpuuki-obasan.jpg

The second picture. https://img.cdn.nimg.jp/s/niconews/articles/images/4383786/e9f23b9a5982ba67ced79c6d0e2c7dcb2dc43cff7207fd2d25ae0fca51bf17aa56ce9fc755f2fd1f7bdf54d67f3613a3a393dfa298860611c3dd3cd9f654ddb1/640x480s_FFFFFF?key=759eeba2d5d4ac2f7c197ada607f96e69edb72a45f129a62fc280469f8a76249

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