Kantou (関東) area and Japan's capital Tokyo

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Jan 29, 2012 01:01 Japan Kantou area capital Tokyo Ciba
There are six prefectures and a capital in Kantou(関東) area. The prefectures are Ibaragi(茨城), Tochigi(栃木), Gunma(群馬), Saitama(埼玉), Chiba(千葉), Kanagawa(神奈川) and Japan's capital Tokyo(東京). Though there are many mountains in the inland of Japan, but there aren't mountains in Kantou area. There is only the largest plain called the Kantou Plain. Thanks to The Kantou Plain, this area is the most prosperous and populous. Its populaton is the third part of total population in Japan. Tokyo is Japan's capital. Its population is about thirteen million, and it is the place of the focus of goverment and lawmaking and justice in Japan. It is also the focus of economy in Japan. In 2010, Tokyo was choosen to the third grobal city after New York and London by Foreign Policy which is ths specialized magazine of foreign diplomacy. But because the functions of the nation too centers on Tokyo, the move of deconcentrating is happening. The end of Tokyo is abundant in nature.
Yokosuka city(横須賀市) in Kanagawa prefecture has some big U.S. military base, and Yokohama city(横浜市) in Kanagawa prefecture has a big harbor. These two cities have had relations with other countries, so the cities have exotic mood. Chiba prefecture verge on the Pacific Ocean, and the southeast of there is genial climate, and there are many beautiful flowers and delicious fishes there. So I recommend you Ciba prefecture as tourist spot.

*An upper picture is Tokyou Tower